About Us

NotUrAverage Candles (pronounced "Not Your Average" Candles) is a Black-owned and operated candle company located in Greenbelt, MD. Our mission is to highlight the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through fragrance. We aim to not only provide phenomenal candles with dynamic fragrances but expose our customers to various STEM fields and phenomena. Each line released will be centered around a different field. All NotUrAverage Candles are hand-poured and made with sustainability in mind. All materials in our candles are environmentally friendly, phthalate free, and reusable. 

Meet the Founder Courtney Johnson

Researcher by day, candle-maker by night. I am Courtney Johnson, a Bioengineering PhD student at the University of Maryland - College Park and a graduate of Northeastern University where I studied Chemical Engineering. I loved fragrances from a young age. Growing up, whenever we finished cleaning on Saturday mornings, my mom would always light incenses that would envelop the entire house. Though I loved the smell of incenses, I hated cleaning the dust that would always settle from them. During my time at Northeastern University, I discovered my love for candles. I would frequently visit Target just for candles. I would combine different one, making complex fragrances that would fit the mood I wanted for my space. Recently, I learned to make my own. What began as a hobby, blossomed into the company we have today; one that merges my love for candles with my love for the scientific world. I hope through this venture more people will be exposed to STEM and expand their knowledge on the various fields.